Completed in September 2019, the Sea Avenue belongs to the newest generation of charter boats in the Red Sea, specialized for offering premium Kite- and Dive- Safaris.
The boat is fully equipped with all amenities featuring 12 modern designed cabins with room for a maximum of 24 guests. Each room features individual showers and is equipped with air condition, which can be regulated individually.
Additionally, there are 3 sundecks and one large entertainment space

WiFi is available (depending on network coverage).


The highly qualified crew is trained and experienced in managing all demands by your customers making sure everybody is happy on board and providing beverages and 3 freshly prepared meals a day.

Bread, patisserie and cakes made fresh everyday by the baker on board.
The crew helps you preparing kite- and dive gear and ensure everybody is secure at any time. This also includes 2 rescue boats with trained boatdrivers.
Find here all technical information about the boat