Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Egypt travel as well as the kitesafari itself.

The sun in Egypt, especially when kiting on the crystal-clear water, should not be underestimated. Even if you get sun cream in many places in Egypt, we recommend to take enough high-quality sun protection (SPF 30+) with you.

For people with sensitive skin we also recommend UV shirts (Lycras / Wetshirts).

If you have to take medication regularly, make sure that you take enough with you and make a note of the ingredients if necessary, in case you have to buy new ones on site.

Lens wearers should take enough spare lenses with them and we also recommend that spectacle wearers take spare glasses with them.

And sunglasses are part of it.

Please also consult the travel advice for your country.

No vaccinations are required for entry into Egypt from Switzerland and Europe. We recommend to freshen up Polio, Tetanus, Diphterie as well as possibly Hepatitis A and B nevertheless.

Should medical care be necessary, our crew can help you to contact a hospital or doctor.

Swiss citizens can acquire their tourist visas directly upon entry. The issue takes only a few minutes and costs USD 25 (or EUR 20). However, a passport with a validity of at least 6 months is required.

For all our packages we offer shuttle transfer from and to Hurghada Airport for EUR 20.- per person. The transfer time between the port and the airport is about 30 minutes.
Please let us know your flight number when booking to ensure a smooth process.

In Egypt you pay in Egyptian Pound (LE). The current exchange rate is about 1:16.5, i.e. for 1 CHF you get about 16.5 LE. We recommend that you withdraw only limited amounts of cash. Most ATMs accept the EC/Maestrocard to withdraw money directly. This saves you exchange fees.

You can also pay in Euro or USD on board

On board we generate our own 220V power and you will find sockets everywhere on board. You can charge your mobile phone or notebook with your normal charger and do not need an adapter.

[Plug format: Type A / Type C // Type J 3pol not available]

Our crew will prepare fresh meals for you 3 times a day. These are available at the buffet.

Basically there are always enough options for a vegetarian diet. If you have special wishes such as vegan or gluten-free nutrition, we ask you to clarify this with us directly in advance. We try to fulfil all wishes as far as possible.

Water, coffee, tea and juices are included with all meals.

Alcoholic drinks can be bought at the bar. A selection of beer, wine and a reduced assortment of spirits is available.

As we are on a ship where safety is a top priority, we and our crew reserve the right to limit the amount of alcohol sold to a person.

After all, we don't want anyone to go overboard involuntarily.

If you have another favourite drink, you are of course welcome to bring it with you.

With us on board we want everyone to feel comfortable, have fun and have a great time without incidents. That's why we attach great importance to following certain rules and above all to following the instructions of the crew on board.

For this purpose we ask you to sign our disclaimer It is best to print it out when booking and bring it signed with you. Otherwise you can fill it out before boarding.

Liability disclaimer Kitesurfing Trips

Liability disclaimer Scuba Dive Trips

With us on board shoes are unnecessary. You can stow them in your cabin right away.

It is the highest goal of our crew to offer you a top experience. Be it preparing fresh meals or preparing your kite or diving equipment.

Therefore we would like to ask you to show your gratitude to the crew at the end of the trip. It is customary to put an amount between EUR 40-50 into the crew cash per person.

Of course the final decision is up to you.

The climate in Egypt is pleasant all year round. In the summer months it is hot and dry.

We are able to offer dive excursions on our Kite Safaris. A single dive trop including all gear rental and an instructor costs EUR 50.- To be able to offer excursions during our kitesafari we require a minimum booking value of EUR 400.-

We also have snorkel material on board. This can be rented at any time for a fee of CHF 15 and includes glasses, snorkel and fins.

Our boat is equipped with Duotone kite equipment which you can rent.

This saves you having to bring your own equipment and you always have the perfect kite size to choose from, depending on the wind.

You can either rent for the whole trip or of course by the day. The rental prices are as follows:

Gear rental
Kite Surfing
  1 Day Entire Trip
Kite, Bar 40.- 225.-
Board 30.- 150.-
Kite, Bar / Board 60.- 350.-

* All prices in EUR

Dive Gear rental
  Entire Trip
Regulator, stabs, inflatable jacket 100.-
Mask On demand
Fins On demand
Tank, belt, weight included

* All prices in EUR